Directed & Edited
Irina Thalhammer

2nd Camera and Stills
Rudolf Thalhammer

Music by

WEST NEPAL: Simikot, Dharapori, Yalbang, Hilsa, Halji, Limi Vally, Karnali River
TIBET: Burang, Manasarovar Lake, Mt. Kailash

Special Thanks to:

Sonam Lama & Family, Sham Lama, Yam Lama, Bahadure & Bahadure Lama, people of Humla district & West Tibet

A journey to remote places in West Nepal & Tibet, where time almost stands still. Meeting fascinating people in their daily life surrounded by mountains and rivers, yaks and snow leopards. Where Buddha meets Shiva. Pilgrims of different religions following their traditions reaching back thousands of years. They believe that circumambulating Mount Kailash – ‚Precious Snow Mountain‘ – on foot is a holy ritual that will bring good fortune.

Maybe it is our last chance to see these beautiful places as they are. The Chinese Government is building a motor road around the Holy Mountain. The project already started. It will change the sacred place forever…