Category: Video Displays,
Special Events
AE CS4 and above
Full HD 1920 x 1080
Length: 1:30, 2:30
No Plugins Required

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If you don’t have After Effects or you don’t know how to customise the AE template? If you don’t have the time, the plug-in or the correct version of AE, just drop me a line
I offer customizing and rendering.


Video Display for Weddings, Birthdays & more

An elegant white photo frame gallery slowly revealed on a sun-drenched festive table. This gallery is suitable for all occasions, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family celebrations, graduations and so on, two different endings are included. Surprise your loved ones with an amazing gift or use it as a professional presentation in your projects! Specially useful for wedding presentations, used by wedding agencies and photography studions worldwide, featured on Videohive!

  • Very easy to use

  • 19 or 38 image/video placeholders, text placeholders for all images

  • Suitable for many occasions – alternative ending for less romantic occasions included

  • 25 fps, duration 1:30min or 2:30min

  • 17 video assets (cutaways, dolly shots and zooms) are included

  • 4 beautiful vintage looks


Music is not included. Soundtrack can be purchased via Audiojungle HERE

Check out: Wedding Memories on Vimeo

(Photos only, Slow Version)